TailHeat site review

TailHeat site review

Tail Heat specializes in gay and futanari furry images and comics drawn by more than a dozen exceptionally skilled artists with years of experience in the field. They launched in 2010 and have updated every week with new images and comics since that time. Their dedication to producing quality content is admirable and serves their members exceptionally well, providing value for the monthly fee of $13.99. That number is lower than most sites charge on a per month basis because they have a smaller collection of content and they priced accordingly.

In the member’s area you’ll find a list of links along the top of the page that take you to the images, comics, stories, your favorites list, and a tag cloud in case you want to browse by subject matter. The main page features a list of the most recent updates, links to the Tail Heat social media accounts, and the ability to visit the help section or report a bug.

I visited the images section first, which features a collection of single shots that they sometimes call pinups. These are lovingly crafted pictures of gorgeous furries of all types. There’s a square thumbnail for each image that hides some of what happens in the full shot, which I ended up loving. It was like a delightful surprise in my browser each time I clicked to view a picture. I was impressed at how exceptionally skillful the artwork is. The artists they’ve hired (you can read about them on the tour page and see the full list) are truly talented and experienced in the furry niche as they’ve created impressive and arousing pieces of artwork. The comics create stories and are certainly quite a bit more work to put together as the drawing is more intensive and the dialogue needs to be smart and sexy.

Within the gay and futanari furry porn collection there are numerous types of content and using the tag cloud is the best way to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are gorgeous solo gay furry shots with handsome, sexy anthropomorphized animals and their ripped bodies and huge naked cocks that are rock hard and on the verge of ejaculating. In some cases you can see a cumshot flying through the air or resting on the hard body of a beautiful creature. They get hardcore too as gay furries fuck each other, give oral sex, and end up locked in the most arousing kisses imaginable with their hands roaming so tenderly. The futanari images bring together the most arousing elements of a girl and a guy as big breasts and a throbbing cock exist on the same carefully drawn character. Tail Heat also offers a small selection of furry animations where you can control some of the action, such as stroking of penetrating a creature.

At only $13.99/month, Tail Heat is an incredible bargain. They’ve been updating for nearly five years now and while the collection isn’t huge, it’s really quite impressive and there are few like it online. The artistry is the best part of being a member as you get to appreciate the gifts of the men and women that create this type of pornography and share it with the members. There’s beautiful gay furry on furry fucking, futanari lovemaking, solo hunks posing and stroking, and much more. It’s a unique collection of content that they’ve worked hard to create and it’s well worth the price of admission.