SexyFur site review

SexyFur site review

There’s a vibrant, thriving world of yiff art online and Sexy Fur has been at the forefront of providing fans the incredible hand drawn content they crave for more than a dozen years. For $24.99/month (less if you join for three months at a time) you get access to their entire archive of pictures, comics, and Flash animations designed to tickle your fancy and show you exactly how hot furry sex can be.

The member’s area is well-designed and easy to get around with links to the major content sections along the top of every page. My first stop was in the picture galleries because I was intrigued by the pinups teased on the tour page. You can browse by the date the content was added (going all the way back to 2002) or by model. Some of the artists draw their favorite furry creations in a variety of situations and outfits and it was a tremendous treat to fall in love with a beautiful babe and get to browse a full collection of images featuring her. It’s the most potent form of furry fantasy play I’ve ever come across online and it’s well-worth going back for. I was partial to Rosalie, but you should check them all out to see which furry girl turns you on the most.

I had a great time browsing the single pictures and was surprised to find that I could stare at one for a few minutes while studying every beautiful element of the artist’s creation. The comics at Sexy Fur offer an entirely different experience but it’s equally as arousing. Along the top of any page in the member’s area you’ll find a link to the art section and you can browse by year or simply go through the full list. There are dozens to choose from and they’re all exclusive to Sexy Fur and drawn by their artists. They offer plot and character development that adds an extra layer of delightful arousal to simply looking at pictures. A bit of dialogue can be a potent force for your brain’s arousal center. First you get to know the characters a little and then you read their exclamations of joy as they masturbate or have sex and it’s fantastic.

Every type of hand drawn furry porn you can imagine is included in the Sexy Fur member’s area. The pinups offer you solo views of the babes as they pose in sexy outfits and costumes or go fully naked with their beautiful tits and pussies exposed. Some are shown masturbating and cumming hard. The comics feature hardcore sex, fetish play with BDSM elements included, and more. No matter what you want to see your favorite furry characters do, it’s included in the wide collection of content in the member’s area.

Sexy Fur updates at least once a week and often adds new content 2-3 times in any given seven day period. The full archive is available and instant you become a member and it continues to grow thanks to their dedication to their members. They offer one of the largest collections of furry porn online and the quality of the work is off the charts. You won’t find better artwork and more lovingly crafted furry girls and guys anywhere on the internet.