Pleasure BonBon site review

Pleasure BonBon site review

Web furry comic Pleasure Bon Bon is a unique creation that transports its members to a Victorian era town where the inhabits are all gorgeously drawn furries and their only concern is for their sexual pleasure. For nearly half a decade the comic has been updated and the story has only gotten juicier as the years have gone by. Members are encouraged to start from the beginning to meet all the members of the town and follow them on their journey of sexual exploration and satisfaction.

The Victorian setting is a brilliant choice for Pleasure Bon Bon as it allows for elegant costumes and settings, creating a sensual atmosphere for the characters to exist in. William is the first character you meet as he arrives in the town looking to change his life. Soon the rest of the cast is introduced and there are currently 15 main characters to follow, leading to a splendidly robust story.

The Pleasure Bon Bon comic is the primary reason to become a member. It’s typically updated every 1-2 weeks with a new page full of adventure, sex, and impressively written dialogue. They take care to ensure you have something new to enjoy every week though, so there are supplementary updates with more furry sex pleasures. They add galleries of hand drawn characters, other comics that you can fall in love with, and more. They’ve maintained a regular update schedule for the entire life of the site so there’s true dedication to making their members and all furry fans happy.

The artwork is breathtaking and presented in high resolution so you can lovingly gaze upon it for as long as you’d like. Each character has been exceptionally well-crafted with unique details and chances are good that each of you will fall in love with one of these beautiful furries. It’s a potent sexual delight to become so enchanted by a character that you can’t wait for his or her next page to show up just so you can fall a little more in lust or love.

They do a good job of balancing plot and sex so it’s more than just filthy artwork. It’s clear that a great deal of work has gone into planning out the story of Pleasure Bon Bon and ensuring that the characters are unique and interesting. Over the course of the comic we’re introduced to everyone and we follow their lives as they enjoy the sexual delights of their home town. The furry sex is fantastically drawn with beautiful blowjobs and hardcore penetrations depicted along with body shaking orgasms and voluminous cumshots. They pull no punches when it comes to providing hardcore furry porn for your pleasure and the consistent art style and returning characters make it all the more arousing.

Few furry porn sites are as well put together and maintained as Pleasure Bon Bon. They conceived it as an ongoing yiff comic where you would get to know the characters and fall for them as you follow their journey and it’s brilliant. There’s more than enough content to make $25/month fee worthwhile. Your membership includes the Pleasure Bon Bon comics, access to the strip tease theater with Flash stripping, wallpapers, hentai and furry games, and more.