HardBlush site review

HardBlush site review

Hard Blush offers gay yiff porn and comics from some of the most respected, talented artists in the community and the results are fantastic. They launched over five years ago and have been updating on a regular schedule ever since, which has created an impressive member’s area with more than enough content to keep you happy. It costs $19.96 for the first month and $17.99 for each month thereafter that you keep your membership active, and with a steady stream of new content coming your way it’s a great value.

Hard Blush updates four times a week, offering you new content on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and it’s to their credit that they’ve largely kept that schedule throughout their existence. It also means they have a healthy base of members that come back every month and provide them with the money to pay the many artists that contribute work to the member’s area. If names like Onta, Powfoo, Slyus, and Peritian are familiar to you then you’re already a fan of gay yiff porn and the people that have dedicated their talents to creating it. Each artist has his own unique style and they label each update to make sure you can follow your favorites and see everything they add.

With any furry porn site, it’s the quality of the artwork that is ultimately what makes or breaks the member’s area, and I’m happy to report that Hard Blush only works with the most spectacularly talented creators. Though it might seem like a small thing, one of my favorite elements of their content is that an entire environment is created in each piece. It’s not just the furry with a blurry background; it’s a beautiful setting that the action occurs in. That can be a park in the middle of the night, an ancient Egyptian temple, a crowded rock concert, or a simple bedroom. What’s important is that setting the scene makes a big difference in the arousing nature of the gay furry porn, even if it doesn’t register in the forefront of your mind. It’s more proof that Hard Blush is truly dedicated to creating the best gay yiff comics online and giving their artists the chance to provide the audience with beautiful scenes.

HardBlush site

A wide range of creatures show up in the exciting gay furry yiff images and comics, so anything you can desire can be found and with five years of updates to look through there’s never a shortage of enjoyable erotic art. They’re big on hardcore content here as the furries express their desire for kissing, cocksucking, and the pleasures of hot sex that makes them cum. Some of the artists clearly relish drawing a cumshot as it flies through the air and lands thickly on a hard belly or a pretty face. The comics of Hard Blush offer great artwork and arousing, sexy dialogue that’s bound to light a fire in your loins.

You’ll not find a more impressive collection of gay furries yiff artwork than the one at Hard Blush. For more than five years they’ve updated four times a week and now they offer a live drawing session every Sunday to help aspiring artists learn technique and see how gay yiff comics is created. The membership fee is reasonable and there’s a community of likeminded furry lovers waiting for you to join them for fun.